Who is Vivica?

Dear Diary,

It’s Viv on here. I thought it was important for us to come on here and tell yall who we are so here is Vivica in a nutshell. I love to make people laugh, I think a smile on someone’s face is the best thing in the world. Because of this I became a photographer and took photos of everyone I could. Having a voice and using it is so important to me. Which is why I became a mf city girl. Something about being able to come on our podcast and speak on anything I want makes me never want to stop. I hope one day I become a voice for the voiceless, the people who have been silenced, or the people who just didn’t know how powerful speaking actually is. This podcast won’t be the last people hear from me, this is a start to a longggg journey, so welcome to the ride.

When Jacey and I met up for the podcast I knew it was gonna be successful. We already had a great chemistry and the passion for the possible. Having the same major (Communication) we get to really learn and grow in the same areas and even different ones. I know Jacey is going to be big, so when she’s on Tv in the future, I hope she remembers , “You gotta be you in every way you can”. :)

Diaries of a Mf City Girl isn’t just a name. It is a stants. Mf City Girl doesn't hold back, doesn’t give up, and she doesn’t apologize for being her. In this world being you is now okay. So embrace it ! Be you, why be scared. Here’s a secret, no one knows what they are doing. Everyone feels the same. What I mean by that is, you hurt how I hurt. A heartbreak, tears, laughing feels the same for everyone. They are a person like you. I feel like people fail to realize this. So when you think of Mf City Girl at least remember this.


Mf City Girl

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