Who is Jacey?

Dear Diary,

Wow, I’m really writing in a blog for my podcast. I have big dreams, aspirations, a desperate need to make something of myself. When I first started DFMFCG it was actually called Diaries of a Monmouth County Princess. I was obviously the princess, lol. The podcast was originally just for class and then I started to realize the relief I felt speaking truth into the mike in the soundproof studio. People always heard me but this time they started to listen. Not only did I share truth and an honest opinion but I started gaining loyal listeners. I spoke about how I felt about certain situations and offered a different perspective and people opened their eyes and ears. I saw a residual change and acceptance and it was beautiful. I needed to take it up a notch, I had no idea how I was going to turn this into something more something better. Then me and vivica met up and I realized then this podcast was going to turn into something great. Without Vivica I wouldn't be where I am today and we wouldn't be here without her. We are both unapologetically ourselves and people see that. It's empowering, we are empowering and I hope you feel that. We're making an impact on one individual in our harsh society at a time and the next is you,xoxo.

Honestly few people actually know who I really am. I have many friends but they all don’t even know half of it. I am a capricorn, which automatically makes me a city girl. Well what makes a city girl you ask? A city girl to me, is a bad ass bitch who is unapologetically them and that's how I perceive myself. I am a bad ass bitch, yet not all the time. We all have our moments in which you feel like your not yourself or your really in your bag. Even though you can't see it I'm usually in my bad 24/7 which honestly kinda sucks. Sometimes it stops me from achieving success within myself and in society. The pressure to be successful in this world has lit a fire under my ass and has given me the push and major anxiety to make something of myself and become who I want to be. I want my voice to be heard.


Mf City Girl

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