How to be Productive & Organize

Dear Diary,

To start off, it's really hard to stay on top of everything, but it isn't impossible. I am someone who copes with anxiety or when I feel really stressed out by doing anything and everything to stay productive and organize. In my mind, if everything around me is messy, I feel like everything is falling apart mentally. It’s a blessing and a curse when it comes to my productivity and organization. But, this is not the same case for many people. Listening to my friends talk about how trying to find the motivation is hard because your mind literally wants to do nothing. In my mind, the idea of doing nothing terrifies me and makes me more anxious, which is why I cope by doing too much. We can agree that the feeling of being anxious isn’t good and affects us more than mentally.

Even though I am someone who is too mental, that doesn’t mean my anxiety isn’t your cure. Then again it doesn’t mean I’m a cure for your anxiety, I am just suggesting ways that can help. Just suggestions, I’m not trying to change your life or tell you, you aren’t doing enough. You are doing fine. Which leads me to my first suggestion:

  1. You have to tell yourself you are fine/enough:

In order to be productive & organize your first place to start is your mind. Self talk is the best talk. Nothing around you will satisfy you if you aren’t satisfied with yourself, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m going to make today my bitch because I am her” :).

  1. Make a To-Do List:

Organizing needs Organization. So if you feel stuck write a list of things you want today or accomplish soon. (Short term, the future can wait) When you write yourself a list and slowly start marking off the things you get done, you see your progress. Which ends up in you being productive and satisfied.

  1. Change something for the good

The reason why you aren’t feeling productive/organized is because you are either doing the same thing over and over again or nothing at all. That’s a call to action for new or old good habits to come. It can be as little as 10 minute yoga to start up painting again.

Everyone is living life good at something. Wanting to be great or needing more. It starts with you, no one controls your life once you are out in the real world. Having guidelines for myself keeps me sane. I hope my words helped somebody today.


Mf City Girl

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