How Can Sex Keep a Relationship Healthy

Dear Diary,

Listen, you're probably thinking what does a 20 year old girl know about a relationship?

but let me give you some background info….

I never had a boyfriend until I was 19 which was only a few months ago

But I would definitely say i am suitably equipped with the skills to satisfy him

(physically and menatally) just to be real with you-

I went into the relationship having no expectations and over time it blossomed and he continuously raises the bar

So how does it happen? How do you fall in love with your partner all over again every day? Sex.

Okay but what about sex? It's intimate, it's close, it's personal. It takes a lot for someone to undress themselves in front of someone and the acts that lead up to it.

So when that does happen, appreciate it. And no matter who that person is, appreciate them. Appreciated sex is better sex. And what I mean by that is that person is that much eager to want to make you feel good because you make them feel good. You naturally want to make your partner feel good and I have a few tips that have worked out in my relationship so I thought I would share :)

First off- WHY ARE YOU RUSHING!!!!!!! Slow the fuck down and take your time!! Establish a rhythm and keep it going and build up the sexual tension between you two. ITS SO MUCH BETTER. Im not saying have slow and passionate sex im saying buiding up the feeling and let it rock and then see where it takes you. And if you make that tiny change, your game will change. And yes I will be taking credit. But after you experience that with each other that will then affect your ENTIRE relationship. I can’t tell you how our relationship progressed as our sex life progressed I saw a major change and it was because we were already listening but this time we were feeling and breathing and closer then ever and it really just changes your life because now you have a beautiful relationship. I have actually gotten to the point where I feel like its no longer sex to me it feels like im fully giving myself to my other half and it just makes me feel whole. Its an indescribable feeling and I hope you guys can experience it too…. IF YOU FOLLOW MY STEPS also:

Some Tips to keep your relationship happy:

  1. Long Hugs

  2. Put your phone down

  3. Leave notes <3 these are special

  4. Surprise coffees or cookies

  5. Eye contact

  6. Find something you enjoy together

  7. Go on a walk around your neighborhood

  8. Flowers

  9. Chocolates (goes both ways)

  10. Talk about what their take is on life

Ok bye love you


Mf City Girl

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