College Life: Freshman Guide

Dear Diary,

If you are reading this and you are just starting college, goodluck. College is a huge growing period you don’t even realize until you are deep in. When I first started I wish I had someone telling me what to look out for and what college actually is like. It’s almost impossible to explain the college life and everything it comes with from the people to school work. But I hope this helps a little. Can’t say I didn’t warn you. Here’s some tips I’ve learned while being a college student.

1. Don’t eat where you shit

Your reputation is everything, yes college is fun. Be a whore, but be a smart one. Realize if you are dorming you are seeing the same people everyday, going to school with them (might even have a class or three), parties, everywhere. You don’t want to be that girl that’s labeled as a hoe for having too much fun your freshman year.

2. Yes they are friends

If he’s on a team, they will find out. If you did more than 2, you already failed. They probably know, or gonna find out. Before making a move on anyone WATCH. See who moves with who, and how. Friend groups say a lot. (Same for you)

3. Set ground rules with your roommate on cleanliness

The last person you want to be on bad terms with in college is your roommate. Realize they live with you, they are surrounded by all your stuff. Talk to your roommate about your cleaning habits, and what you expect from each other. Don’t let little things get you upset, communicate with them, they probably feel the same way or didn’t realize.

4. It’s okay to come in undeclared

Don’t rush into a major just to say you are doing something or for money. Realize, you are taking classes on that subject for years and after that hopefully a career. Switching majors constantly can cause you to finish way later then you want because your credits are all over the place. You have enough time to decide while you are there.

  • Take some classes on things you find interesting, see if you can do that forever

5. Stay true to who you are and find some friends

Enjoy your experience, but don’t let it consume you. It is so important you find your group to do your city girl stuff with because it gets lonely. Take advantage of where you are, college is where you make friends. Being sheltered your freshman year is going to set you back if you try to make friends your sophomore year and everyone is already cliqued up.

College is fun, be smart and enjoy it. If you thought highschool went by fast, college is 5x that. You are going to go through so much mentally and experience a different lifestyle. This is your life, take control over it. Especially in college where opportunities are endless.


Mf CityGirl

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