5 Things I Didn't Know Before Starting My Own Podcast

It’s so exciting to start my own podcast. I didn’t realize how much work it is until I started doing it. So I thought lemme let you guys in on a few secrets or things you probably didn’t know about either.

  1. Prep before you start recording

It’s so important you do your research and make a plan about what you are talking about. Before I started my podcast, I thought I could just turn on my mic and start speaking and everything was just going to flow. I found myself losing my train of thought and just babbling about anything within a couple minutes into recording. Don’t wait till the day before to start thinking what you are going to talk about, give yourself time, write yourself an outline.

  1. Involve Social Media. It’s your best friend

If you want to get listeners on your podcast you have to promote yourself online. The more you post about your show the more it will show up on people’s feed. A key to getting people to listen is to post interactive content like polls or questions on your story about the topic you are going to talk about. It gets your listeners excited for your side and to hear their answers.

  1. You need a theme

It doesn’t matter what kind of podcast you are creating, making a theme will give your podcast a professional look. If you check out our instagram or website you will see similar content, colors, and words. (pink, mint, brownish) Not only will it make your work look pretty, but when your audience is looking at content they don’t need to see your logo on everything because you have a theme throughout your page.

  1. Podcast = Time & Dedication

You need to put in a lot of time and dedication into your podcast if you want it to be successful. Initially, we would post whenever we felt like it or when we had time, post a podcast every other Thursday maybe. But we noticed we weren’t getting as many views as we could’ve if we did. If you want people to take time out of their day to listen to your show, you have to show people that you are doing the same. You can’t expect a regular listener when you aren’t being a constant host.

  1. You have to invest in your podcast

Some way or somehow you are going to have to pay for your podcast. Either your website, your podcast page, marketing, equipment, and/or even eventually merch if you decide to continue. Having a podcast you aren’t paying an arm and a leg but expect to throw more than $5 a month into your show. We use podbean for our podcast server and have to pay $9 a month to get our show on platforms like Spotify and Amazon Audible. We also had to buy our website from wix and a domain which cost around $100 for the year.( I recommend watching out for sales). Look into what you have to get for your podcast and don’t throw your money in places you can get better/smarter deals.

It’s not easy. But, it’s not impossible, if you have something to say to the world. If you want to be something, start your podcast, get your word out. What are you waiting for? If you have ANY questions, don’t be afraid to DM us @diariesofamfcitygirl .


Mf City Girl

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