3 Things That Made Sense When I Turn 20

Dear Diary,

It’s weird to think that I am now entering adulthood. I always felt “grown” like no one can tell me shit. But I never understood what being an adult really meant until now. It’s wayyy harder than I thought, mentally. You can’t just look past certain things, act a certain way, or think how you used to. Being an adult means thinking localigcally. There’s no such thing as a book with colorful pictures in adulthood. It’s not all bad honestly, just a big eye opener. But I like it, I still have a lot more to grow but here’s a few things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Money comes in paper not worth

Money is undeniably the most important thing that rules this world. I used to see money as bad and the root of all evil. But it’s what you make of your money that counts. Spending countless dollars on bullshit items turns it into that, bullshit items. But if you turn your money, turn it into solutions to solve your goals. Buy a camera, invest in your future, starting a hobby. Now you just turned that paper into a future.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with a therapist

Honestly, I think everyone should see a therapist at least once in their lives. Being in my 20s I realize I am starting a new chapter in my life with the same mindset. In order for me to understand who I am, I had to see myself from an outer view or someone who doesn’t know me who can explain things I can’t explain to myself. You are stuck with yourself through every emotion, feeling, desire. In life, those are the hardest to control/understand. It’s important to understand yourself before the world tries to.

  1. It’s your life, stop wasting your own time

Your time is now till the day you die. Use it. Take this time and make it into something that you can put on a pedestal. It's your life. We live in a world where we hate when people waste our time. Why? All this time and it bothers when a few minutes are interrupted. But it’s fine when you hold yourself back from your full potential. Stop wasting your lifetime when you don’t even let people waste a few minutes. At some point you are going to get sick and tired of letting life pass you by, or you don’t and you wonder why you let too much time pass.

I got a long journey to live. It’s going to be hard but not impossible. No matter how many tips/tricks I learn I know I won’t understand until I am going through it with myself. No one knows you 100% BESIDES YOURSELF, no one has been with you 24/7 365 days of your life BUT YOU. So trust yourself, that's the best advice I can give you.



Mf CityGirl

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