20 Things I Want To Accomplish Before I'm 21

Dear Diary,

To do these things is very important to me. I’ve always loved adventure and trying new things and exploring as much as I possibly can. I wanna be able to enjoy and live my life to the fullest because you never know when it’s going to end.

  1. Be able to go skydiving in the Swiss alps

  2. Travel to Paris

  3. Make dean's list

  4. Go to a wedding

  5. Show my horse

  6. Fly a kite on the beach

  7. Have a picnic on a hike

  8. Have a family cookout

  9. Invest in the stock market

  10. Bungee jump

  11. A music festival with my boyfriend

  12. Go scuba diving

  13. Crowd surf

  14. Live like a local in another community

  15. Go to the Empire State Building

  16. Go to an art museum

  17. Go snowboarding

  18. Visit the museum of modern illusions

  19. Travel to the farthest point in New Jersey

  20. Do a polar plunge

I wrote this list because it helps me realize what I haven’t done yet in life and because it’s time sensitive. I have 10 months. It gives me a push to complete the tasks I want to.


Mf City Girl

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